Brad Mehldau Trio : Knives Out : Festival de Jazz de Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, July 8, 2006

Brad Mehldau – piano, Larry Grenadier – bass, Jeff Ballard – drums.  Mehldau, America’s preeminent contemporary jazz pianist, amidst his own compositions and reinterpreting jazz standards, embarked upon an interpretation of certain of the Radiohead catalogue as, loosely, jazz poems.  In this rendition, Mehldau takes material that its author, Thom Yorke of Radiohead, described as being about “cannibalism,” or about the walking death that is our contemporary urban plight.  We work, we go home, we self-medicate, we die.  From this sonic pile of ashes Mehldau conjures something vibrant, mellifluous, incandescent.  This shit is hot.  Watch his fingerwork and be amazed.  Close your eyes and be transported, leaving the bleak world below as  you soar.  And by the way, Ballard’s drumming is absolutely ridiculous–if we had 1/8 of his talent, we’d be on tour somewhere.


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