Grace Potter & the Nocturnals : Apologies : Live on Beautiful Noise (TV), Berkeley Church, Toronto, Canada, 2008

“Apologies”, a single from Potter & the Nocturnals’ third studio album, This Is Somewhere, haunts us.  Potter is Joplin-esque in her ability to emote.  Any girl that can stroke a Rhodes keyboard like Potter is aces in our book.  This is actually a relatively tame performance from Potter & the Nocturnals.  More recent live video reveals a more liberated Potter (and the remarkably hirsute Nocturnals, save Catherine Popper (who haunts our dreams)).  We intend to cull from the archives footage of Potter playing keyboard with high heels–not “in” high heels, mind you, but actually standing on the damn keyboard playing the song with the heels strapped to her feet.


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