The Rolling Stones : Fool to Cry : Live at Pavilion de Paris (Les Abbattoirs), Paris, France, June 4, 1976

Mesdames et Messieurs, Les Rolling Stones.

Released originally as part of the Les Rolling Stones Aux Abbattoirs film, this footage captures elegantly a watershed moment during the Stones 1976 tour of Europe.  Mick Taylor’s just left the band, just as the they were hitting their mid-70’s stride that propelled them to the arena-rocker status they’ve enjoyed since then.  Some say that the soul left the band with Mick, perhaps presciently, as subsequent releases from the Stones became increasingly accessible, increasingly mainstream, more glimmer-boy Mick-centric, rather than infused with the rich legacy of blues and early rock and roll.  See, e.g., the progression of Some Girls, Emotional Rescue, and Tattoo You.

This song bleeds emotion, and is probably the best on Black and Blue, certainly the most successful hit from the album.  A slow, soulful ballad, it’s mined from the same rich vein of balladry for which the Stones are revered and which yielded such gems as “Wild Horses,” “Angie,” “Let it Loose,” and “I Got the Blues.”  Interesting tidbit: Keith Richards fell asleep on stage during this song later in the tour in Germany.

Je suis un imbécile à pleurer.


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